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Online Finance Courses from Intuition Now

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Intuition Now is a subsidiary of the established corporate learning organisation Intuition. With over 35 years experience, Intuition courses are used by 1.5 million financial professionals every year and 90% of the world's leading financial institutions.

This content is now available to the public for the first time via Intuition Now our an online, on-demand learning portal tailored for students, financial professionals and those looking to carve out a career in finance. 

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Why Choose Intuition Now?

Intuition Now uses a wide range of subject matter experts to build market leading financial learning content.

  • Enhance your CV
  • Maintain your professional qualification
  • Content available on-demand wherever you learn best

What our students say 

"The learning content was user-friendly and eye-catching. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I'm excited to accelerate my career in finance."

"The course was excellent. The content was insightful. It was a great overall learning experience. I highly recommend Intuition Now's courses to anyone looking to kickstart their career in finance."
"The course was enjoyable and engaging. I'm looking forward to graduating from my college course and using my newfound knowledge from Intuition Now in my search for a position in the finance industry."

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ESG Factors 

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Crypto Assets

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Maintain your Professional Qualification

There are many reasons why people learn, but one of the key reasons is Continuing Professional Education (CPE) to maintain professional qualifications.

Many examination bodies now mandate annual training, with some requiring alumni to complete up to 35 hours a year.

To support clients, Intuition Now works with key financial bodies such as the CISI and the ACCA (plus many more) to ensure our accredited learning materials can be used to meet these CPE requirements.
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