Excel for Finance

In this Microsoft Excel Course, you will learn all the tools and formulas you need to perform professional financial analysis and modelling. 

Cost €149 | £129 $176   |   Duration: 8 Hours
Devices: Desktop

ESG Investing

This course provides a broad overview of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) approach. It is for newcomers to the field or for more experienced professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge and learn more about this 'hot' topic.
Cost  €99 | £85 | $117  |   Duration: 4 Hours
Devices: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Banking & Finance

This course provides an overview of the banking and financial industry, with detailed coverage of investment banks, corporate banking businesses, consumer/retail banks, asset managers, wealth managers, pension/retirement funds, and insurance companies. The course also looks at the influence of shadow banking entities, as well as describing the growth in digital banking channels. 
Cost  €99 | £85 | $117  |   Duration: 9 Hours
Devices: Desktop 


Learn about the increasingly sophisticated payments ecosystem that has developed against the back drop of today’s exciting and complex payments marketplace.
Cost €99 | £85 | $117  |  Duration: 6 Hours
Devices: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Crypto & Blockchain (Fintech)

This course looks at some of the hottest technologies in the FinTech space, covering Cryptography & Blockchain. These innovations are disrupting the financial world and understanding them is essential to remain up-to-date.
Cost €39  | £34  | $46  |   Duration: 1.5 hours
Devices: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Financial Statement Analysis

This course describes the basic principles of accounting and the structure and analysis of the primary financial statements.
Cost €119 | £103 | $140   |   Duration: 8.5 Hours
Devices: Desktop 


This course provides detailed coverage of the ever-changing equity trading environment, including the mechanics of equity trading and the role of equity indices.
Cost  €99 | £85 | $117  Duration: 5 Hours
Devices: Desktop

Trading & Investing with Discipline

This trading course combines 12 hours of webinars delivered by trading expert James Brodie with 6 eLearning modules. Course content covers the key aspects of disciplined trading and investing.
Cost €249 | £215 | $294  |   Duration: 17 Hours
Devices: Desktop 

University Partners Banking & Finance Course

This Banking & Finance course provides an overview of the banking and financial industry, incorporating coverage of the role of investment banks, corporate banking businesses and consumer/retail banks.
Cost: N/A   |   Duration: 3 Hours
Devices: Desktop

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