Understanding the Time Value of Money

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 5.2 hours  
  • Access: 1 Year
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This course will teach you how to describe the concept of present value and future value (“time value of money”) and why it is critical for a proper understanding of capital markets.  

  • This course is only suitable for desktop use.

Course Features

#1 Shareable Certificate

Earn a certificate upon completion.

#2 100% Online Learning

Start straight away and learn at your own pace.

#3 Beginner Level

This course is suitable for anyone looking to understand concepts relating to the time value of money.

#4 Course Duration

Tutorial time of 5.2 hours.

#5 Accepted for CPE

Many of the tutorials in this course are accepted for CPE by some of the world's largest financial associations.

What You Will Learn

1. Interest Calculations

  • Topic 1: Simple Calculations
  • Topic 2: Compound Interest
  • Topic 3: Payment & Compounding Frequency

2. Day Count Conventions

  • Topic 1: Money Market Basis
  • Topic 2: Bond Basis
  • Topic 3: Day Count Conventions & Compounding Frequencies

3. Interest Calculations - Scenario

  • Topic 1: Simple Calculations
  • Topic 2: Compound Interest
  • Topic 3: Payment & Compounding Frequency 

4. Present Value & Future Value

  • Topic 1: Present Value
  • Topic 2: Future Value

5. Annuities & Perpetuities

  • Topic 1: Annuities
  • Topic 2: Perpetuities 

6. Time Value of Money - Excel Interactive 

  • Topic 1: Excel Tutorial

7. Time Value of Money - Scenario 

  • Topic 1: Scenario

8. NPV & IRR

  • Topic 1: Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Topic 2: Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

NPV & IRR - Scenario

  • Topic 1: Scenario
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