Skills for Investment Bankers

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 5.1 hours  
  • Access: 1 Year
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In this online course, you will learn all the key skills you need to pursue a career as an investment banker. From how to manage clients, effectively negotiate, develop a personal brand image and more.

  • This course is suitable for desktop and mobile use.

Course Outline

Transitioning to an investment banking environment can represent a sea-change for any graduate – or indeed anyone not familiar with the business of investment banking. While bankers require impeccable research, quantitative, and analytical skills, in addition to a solid understanding of financial markets and products, there are also many soft/nontechnical skills required for those who want to be successful.

What You Will Learn

Topic 1: Backpack to Briefcase

  • Transitioning to a New Environment
  • Time Management
  • Communications
  • Remote Working
  • Social Media

Topic 2: Client Management

  • Core Competencies
  • Building Trust & Relationships
  • Managing Client Transactions

Topic 3: Commercial Awareness

  • Commercial Awareness Overview
  • Competitive Environment
  • Revenue Sources

Topic 4: Negotiation Skills

  • Context for Negotiations
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Negotiating Fees

Topic 5: Personal Branding

  • Managing Your Brand
  • Communicating Your Successes
  • Personal Preferences, Traits, & Values

Topic 6:  Pitch Books

  • Pitch Book Basics
  • Pitch Book Components
  • PowerPoint for Pitch Books

Topic 7: The Deal Team

  • Deal Team Overview
  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice-President (VP)
  • Managing Director (MD)

Topic 8: Time Management

  • Time Management & Staffing Processes
  • Managing Expectations
  • Time Management Pitfalls & Tips
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Gain Industry Knowledge and a Certification

 Test your knowledge throughout each tutorial with
regular review questions
  End each tutorial with a short, graded test designed to enhance knowledge retention.
  Gain a shareable professional certification.

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