Economic Analysis

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 11.6 hours  
  • Access: 1 Year
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Learn to describe key macroeconomic concepts and indicators such as GDP, business cycles, inflation, employment/unemployment, and international trade, as well as monetary and fiscal policy analysis.

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Course Outline

Macroeconomic developments can have far-reaching effects on financial markets. Changes in monetary policy, inflation, economic growth, and employment levels can impact asset pricing and the broader outlook for capital markets.

Understanding how economists conceptualize and measure key aspects of the economy is important for those seeking to predict and model the impact of changing economic conditions on markets. Similarly, understanding how macroeconomic changes may affect fiscal and monetary policy can help support investment decision-making and predictive financial models.

What You Will Learn

Topic 1: Economic Indicators - An Introduction

  • Compilation & Publication of Economic Indicators
  • Techniques for Interpreting Economic Indicators

Topic 2: GDP - An Introduction

  • Overview of GDP
  • GDP & Inflation
  • Limitations of GDP

Topic 3: GDP Indicators

  • GDP Growth
  • Theories of GDP Growth
  • GDP Growth & Markets

Topic 4: Business Cycles - An Introduction

  • Overview of Business Cycles
  • Recessions
  • Business Cycles & Markets
  • Case Study: The Great Recession

Topic 5: Business Cycle Indicators

  • Predicting Business Cycles
  • Leading Indicators
  • Coincident Indicators
  • Lagging Indicators

Topic 6: Inflation - An Introduction

  • Overview of Inflation
  • Impact of Inflation
  • Causes of Inflation
  • Controlling Inflation

Topic 7: Inflation Indicators

  • Measuring Inflation
  • Inflation Indicators
  • Inflation & Markets

Topic 8: Employment & Unemployment - An Introduction

  • Employment & Unemployment
  • Causes of Unemployment

Topic 9: Labour Market Indicators

  • Labor Market Overview
  • Labor Market Indicators
  • Labor Market Indicators & Markets

Topic 10: Trade Indicators

  • Balance of Payments Fundamentals
  • Balancing Act
  • Trade Indicators

Topic 11: Monetary Policy

  • Fundamentals of Monetary Policy
  • Implementation of Monetary Policy
  • Monetary Policy and the Economy

Topic 12: Fiscal Policy Analysis

  • Fiscal Policy Overview
  • Fiscal Policy in Action
  • Fiscal Policy Limitations
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