Corporate Banking Products (Credit)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 8.8 hours  
  • Access: 1 Year
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In this course, you will learn the various credit products and services corporate banking businesses offer their customers, including short-term credit, accounts receivable financing, term loans and other term finance products, and more.

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Course Outline

Corporate banking businesses provide banking services to corporate customers that come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively small domestic businesses to huge multinational corporations. This means that the banking needs of these customers are quite diverse, as is the range of products and services that has been developed to meet those needs.

What You Will Learn

Topic 1: Short Term Finance

  • Short-Term Finance & Business Needs
  • Aligning Products with Business Needs
  • Product Risks

Topic 2: Accounts Receivable Finance

  • Basics of Accounts Receivable Finance
  • Accounts Receivable Finance Products
  • Product Risks

Topic 3: Term Finance

  • Basics of Term Finance
  •  Term Finance Products
  •  Product Risks

Topic 4: Asset Based Finance

  • Basics of Asset-Based Finance
  • Asset-Based Finance Products
  • Product Risks
  • Asset Realization

Topic 5: Trade Finance

  • Basics of Trade Finance
  • Trade Finance Products
  • Product Risks

Topic 6: Project Finance

  • Overview of Project Finance
  • Project Risks
  • Managing Project Risks

Topic 7: Syndicated Lending

  • Overview of Syndicated Learning
  • Syndication Process
  • Risk & Syndications

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