Banking and Finance for Universities.

This Banking & Finance course provides an overview of the banking and financial industry for university students. If your university is not yet partnered with Intuition Now please get in contact with us to gain access.

Course Features

#1 Shareable Certificate

Earn a certificate upon completion.

#2 100% Online Learning

Start straight away and learn at your own pace.

#3 Beginner Level

This course is suitable for students looking to learn the basics of banking and finance.

#4 Course Duration

Tutorial time of 5 hours.

#5 Banking A-Z

Learn about the banking and financial industry starting with the business of Investment, Corporate and Consumer Banking.

#6 Accepted for CPE

Many of the tutorials in this course are accepted for CPE by some of the world's largest financial associations.

What You Will Learn

1. Banking - Primer

  • Topic 1: Overview of Banking

2. Business of Investment Banking

  • Topic 1: Industry Structure & Development
  • Topic 2: Conflicts of Interest
  • Topic 3: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Topic 4: Underwriting
  • Topic 5: Other business lines

3. Business of Corporate Banking

  • Topic 1: Corporate Banking Industry
  • Topic 2: Corporate Banking vs. Investment Banking
  • Topic 3: Customer Segmentation
  • Topic 4: Business Structure
  • Topic 5: Target Market Identification
  • Topic 6: Revenue & costs
  • Topic 7: Risks & Profitability
  • Topic 8: Strategy Execution

4. Business of Consumer Banking

  • Topic 1: Overview of Retail Banking
  • Topic 2: Digital Banking
  • Topic 3: Asset & Liability-Side Products
  • Topic 4: Payments Services
  • Topic 5: Other Products
  • Topic 6: Profitability of Retail Banks
  • Topic 7: Ownership
  • Topic 8: Regulation
Gain a professional certification in banking and finance

Gain Industry Knowledge and a Certification

 Access your learning wherever you are. 
 Test your knowledge throughout each tutorial with
regular review questions
  End each tutorial with a short, graded test designed to enhance knowledge retention.
  Gain a shareable professional certification.

Meet Your CPE Requirements

Many examination bodies now mandate annual training, with some requiring alumni to complete up to 35 hours a year.

To support learners, Intuition Now works with key accrediting bodies including the Chartered Insurance Institute, the Financial Planning Association of Australia and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy to ensure our learning materials can be used to meet your CPE requirements.
This course is accredited by the Chartered Insurance InstituteThis course is accredited by the Financial Planning Association of AustraliaThis course is accredited by NASBA