Workplace Now

The Essential Human Skills Suite

Workplace Now is an interactive learning program designed to develop the core human skills needed for a modern workplace.

Why are human skills important for business success?

The need to build human skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork has never been greater. As the shelf-life for technical skills becomes shorter, the modern professional is increasingly reliant on their human skills to create value.

Workplace Now is not a typical soft skills curriculum. It is specifically focused on those skills that matter most. The result is more empowered employees with a strong organizational bond and connection capable of excelling in their role now and in the future.

What does Workplace Now focus on?

The Workplace Now program teaches the human skills needed in today’s workplace. As a result, the employee will be fulfilled and empowered, with a strong organizational bond and connection, and will excel in their current and future roles.

Workplace Now equips your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the following areas:

Collaboration and Communication

Develop strong team bonds from the office and home.

Harnessing Creativity

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals.

Agile Thinking

Learn how to create an agile mindset and develop an attitude eager to learn, adapt, and grow.

Developing Your Digital Image

Learn how to use seamless, effective, and skilled communication and teamwork over digital channels to protect and promote a digital reputation..

Critical Thinking

Understand what critical thinking is and fine-tune effective critical thinking to bring powerful reasoning to support organizational decisions.

Problem Solving Skills

Choose from a variety of problem-solving and risk-management tools to improve your problem-solving and risk-management abilities.

Productivity Skills

Mature employees to a stage where they can manage their time effectively both for improved productivity and their own wellbeing.

Building Motivation

Develop the most essential skills to motivate yourself and others more effectively.

Building a Growth Mindset

Transform your mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset and mentally be equipped to tackle change.

Communicating with Empathy

Learn how to build empathy and create better relationships with others.

Building Resilience

Discover how to handle adversity more effectively and bounce back better.

Business Habits of Excellence

Master the critical skills needed in the business world to be a high performer.

Who is Workplace Now for?


Organizations need to upskill and reskill everyone from graduates to senior hires or they will be left behind.

How will your employees benefit?

Your employees will become more skilled, adaptable, and successful in their roles.

How will your organization benefit?

Cultivating key human skills across the organization does not improve performance in a linear way. Innovation, which is key to real growth, comes from everywhere. The more people who can spot opportunity from change and who can execute on it, the more potential for innovation.
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The Workplace Now experience

Using a learner-centric approach, Workplace Now combines established learning techniques with the latest learning science. It uses micro-learning to engage users in short 15-20 minute modules to impart practical skills in a human way. It uses various learning styles including animations, presenter-led video and quizzes.

The result is a slick, consumer-grade experience that not just delivers on the learning objectives, it is learning that inspires change.
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