Workplace Now

The Essential Human Skills Suite

Workplace Now is a learning program designed to build the essential human skills needed in every job, now and into the future.

Why Human Skills are key to Business Success

Human skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork have never been more important in the workplace.

This is well understood in industry, with 97 percent of employers agreeing that human skills are either as important as or more important than hard skills, according to a recent survey.

Technical skills are necessary in today's world, but the modern professional also requires a broader set of abilities that considers other performance drivers and recognizes the importance of essential human skills in both business and employee success.

Intuition's Workplace Now program takes the traditional soft skill curriculum to the next level, unlocking and growing the skills your employees need to succeed.

The Workplace Now Program

The Workplace Now program teaches the human skills needed in today's workplace. As a result, the employee will be fulfilled and empowered, with a strong organizational bond and connection, and will excel in their current and future roles.
Workplace Now equips your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the following areas:

Collaboration and Communication

Develop strong team bonds both from the office and home.

Harnessing Creativity

Learn how to bring your inner creativity to life. Break down the mental barriers that stifle creativity and flair.

Agile Thinking

Learn how to create an agile mindset and develop an attitude eager to learn, adapt, and grow.

Developing Your Digital Image

Learn how to use seamless, effective, and skilled communication and teamwork over digital channels to protect and promote a digital reputation.

Critical Thinking

Understand what critical thinking is and fine tune effective critical thinking to bring powerful reasoning to support organizational decisions.

Problem Solving Skills

Choose from a variety of problem-solving and risk-management tools to improve your problem-solving and risk-management abilities.

Productivity Skills

Mature employees to a stage where they can manage their time effectively both for improved productivity and their own wellbeing.

How Will Your Employees Benefit?

Your employees will grow in their responsibilities, becoming more skilled, flexible, and successful, resulting in a fulfilled and happy workforce eager to do the right thing for themselves, their team, and their company.

The skills your employees will gain from Workplace Now will be critical in their professional development and adaptation to change as the nature of work continues to evolve.

How Will Your Organization Benefit?

Workplace Now will help you achieve improved organizational performance as your employees harness the benefits of developing their human skills in key areas, resulting in more effective and productive individuals and teams and a more agile workforce.
Along with this, a fulfilled and happy workforce will not only reduce turnover rates where you work but will act as a valuable attractor in the ongoing war on talent.

Who is Workplace Now for?

Workplace Now is a program that teaches the fundamental human skills required in the workplace.
The content was created to fit into a variety of corporate learning programs, including:
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Graduate Programs

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New Hire Programs

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Business-wide Upskilling/Reskilling Programs

The Workplace Now Experience

Workplace Now uses a learner-centered approach to deliver an engaging learner experience by combining traditional learning strategies with the latest methodologies from the developing science of learning.

The curriculum employs a micro-learning style that engages learners with brief 15 to 20 minute learning modules, reducing digital fatigue while emphasizing the delivery of critical, practical, and work-ready human skills.

Learners will find media-rich learning experiences inside the curriculum, such as (presenter-led) video, audio, and animations, making this a personal, positive, and meaningful learning experience.

What to Expect From the
Course Content

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Critical Thinking

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Making Your Mind Up

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Unlocking Individual Potential

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