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A powerful combination of new technology and enabling regulation has led to an influx of FinTech and PayTech competitors into the consumer/retail banking sector. This has resulted in an increasingly sophisticated payments ecosystem, and an exciting but complex payments marketplace has emerged.


Many of the tutorials in this course are accepted for CPE by some of the world's largest financial associations.


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Many examination bodies now mandate annual training, with some requiring alumni to complete up to 35 hours a year.

To support learners, Intuition Now works with key accrediting bodies including the Financial Planning Association of Australia to ensure our learning materials can be used to meet your CPE requirements.
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What to Expect From the
Course Content

The course is divided into topic based modules and delivered via a combination of video and eLearning slides.

What You Will Learn


New technologies, changing consumer behavior, and the opening up of the payments market to nonbanks has given rise to a global PayTech industry. With traditional bank incumbents under pressure from a host of nonbank operators, an exciting but more complex payments marketplace has emerged. This tutorial provides a high-level overview of that marketplace.
Duration 45 Minutes


This tutorial looks at the background and key objectives of PSD2, together with the changes it is bringing to bank products and services as well as their business models.
Duration 45 Minutes


With the arrival of the Internet and e-commerce, combined with regulatory initiatives to open the payments markets to nonbanks, the payment landscape is changing greatly. 
This tutorial describes the different payments systems and how fast payments are becoming available in various forms.

Duration 50 Minutes


The emergence of digital has seen the payments industry experience a radical reshaping in terms of new technologies, modernized infrastructure, and new entrants. The result has been a vastly improved consumer experience as new payments instruments and innovations proliferate via FinTech solutions. This tutorial describes these solutions in detail.
Duration 45 Minutes


The payments cards market has evolved greatly in recent decades, especially in later years where technological and regulatory developments have spurned new players in the market. In this tutorial, we discuss payments cards and what attracts so many new participants into the market. 
Duration 45 Minutes


With cash and check usage being replaced more and more by electronic formats, such as credit cards, the number of credit card issuers continues to rise. It can be a very profitable market – although potentially risky with many banks organizing their credit card business as a standalone profit centre. In this tutorial, we discuss the revenues streams from credit cards, and how they are designed and marketed to different user groups. 
Duration 45 Minutes


Increased recognition of the value of payments data and the availability of technologies for its effective harnessing, banks and other actors have come to recognize the value of the data element of payments. This and the parallel deregulation and the relaxation of the membership rules of major card schemes have attracted FinTech/PayTech entrants into financial services. This tutorial describes the technical and practical aspects of getting a cards and payments program off the ground from the perspective of businesses wishing to break into the industry.
Duration 45 Minutes


Merchant acquirers play a critical role in the cards and payments model. As intermediary between the merchant and the card issuer, they are central to card and payments acceptance. Merchant acquirers primarily provide payment technology solutions to merchants. With the explosion of card not present (CNP) transactions on the back of strong internet penetration, the rise of e-commerce and mobile commerce and alternative payment types, payment solutions and their fee structures have had to adapt. This tutorial provides a high-level overview of merchant services.
Duration 45 Minutes

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Course time: 6 hours
Delivery: Course slides & video
Devices: Desktop, tablet and mobile 
Assessment: Test after each module

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